Katie McKenney

Creative andkatie detail oriented, broker Katie McKenney has been applying what she has learned from her involvement with her family’s life long involvement in the real estate industry. A second generation Colorado native, Katie knows the neighborhoods and communities within the Denver Metro area and enjoys matching families with the homes that meet their financial goals and active lifestyles.
As a real estate investment business owner, Katie has learned to use a variety of marketing and strategic tools that assist with both buying and selling a variety of property types. Her rare expertise in a broad range of the real estate market offer clients a well-rounded set of skills that can be applied to any sort of transaction.
Having watched, learned and participated in buying, fixing and selling over 70 homes in the Tech Center, Denver, Englewood, Aurora and Colorado Springs areas with her family’s business, also gave her first-hand knowledge about how to get results for her clients. Her father’s passion for the industry gave them the opportunity to move 10 times in 18 years, offering her a clear view of the emotion and details involved in the moving process. Whether it’s a house, condo, high-end estate or starter home in the suburbs, Katie understands the emotion, process and timeline required to make the project a success.
“I’ve been involved in the buying, selling and marketing of apartment buildings and distressed and under-performing properties. This has given me the expertise to acquire or sell most any type of property for my clients while never forgetting what they are go through as they move. I consider my clients extensions of my family, and I care that they receive the best possible service.”
Katie graduated with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature and welcomes Spanish speaking clients who need help navigating the fast moving Denver Metro real estate market.
“The more I can learn about the various areas and changing real estate scene in Denver, the better and faster I can help my clients meet their goals. I use my contacts in the industry as well as extensive social media marketing opportunities to keep the process rolling,” she explains.
“One of the most compelling aspects of being part of the LIV Sotheby’s team, who has an incredibly established reputation, is learning and working side by side with some of Denver’s industry leaders. I am immersed in a continuously evolving industry and have always been driven to work hard to gain exceptional results for clients. Being young gives me the energy, time and dedication to move quickly in an ever-changing market in a world that seems to be moving faster each day.”

Ellese McKenney

elleseEllese McKenney has the passion, experience and knowledge of the Denver housing market, something she has caref
ully cultivated her entire life by observing her real estate family. Her drive to solidify herself in the real estate market paired with her strong work ethic and high expectations for providing excellent customer service to her clients, makes Ellese a residential broker you can trust will do the job right.

Ellese has specialized in acquisitions of Denver’s distressed and under-performing properties. As an investment real estate business owner, she was a trusted resource for families moving their elderly parents’ from their primary residence into a retirement community. Ellese utilizes her knack for number crunching and a BA in Business Finance and Entrepreneurship from University of Colorado at Boulder to ensure her clients are given the best possible results in all areas of their real estate experience.
“It’s important to find a good balance for the customer between the best possible price and a reasonable timeframe so we can meet their goals financially and hit their deadlines for moving. Guaranteeing the client is fully satisfied with their purchase or sale is the most important thing to me.” Ellese explains. I plan to be a broker for a very long time and I want my clients to think of me when they are planning to invest in their second, third or tenth property.”
Ellese and her business partner, sister Katie McKenney, aren’t afraid to work long hours, go the extra mile to get the job done right, nor tap into their life-long established collection of contacts in the industry to hit deadlines and make customers delighted with their service.
“We chose LIV Sotheby’s International Realty because they have the marketing tools and ability to offer fantastic options for both traditional hardcopy and electronic global reach solutions for our clients. As a team, we have the financial and marketing creativity that allow us to utilize all the tools available in order to offer our clients the best range of products and services in the industry,” outlines Ellese.
Ellese has been a real estate customer having purchased homes herself, a kid who moved 10 times in 18 years with her real estate focused family, and watched her family fix and flip over 70 homes in the Tech Center, Denver, Englewood, Aurora and Colorado Springs areas. She is grateful to be in the real estate industry because it has allowed her to work daily with her family, be involved in charitable organizations like the Global Downs Syndrome Young Professional Committee and has connected her with many great families who live in the area.
As a second generation native Coloradan, Ellese embraces the Colorado lifestyle and spends her free time being active outdoors during every season. She loves the Denver area and likes checking out new neighborhoods “just for the fun of it”. For her, finding homes and neighborhoods that match the people she works for isn’t just a skill she’s learned, it’s just part of who she is.