Halloween, the holiday once recognized for silly plastic ghosts, creepy jack-o-lantern faces, and pop up front yard witches has received a sexy facelift! We love this holiday Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.05.12 PMbecause its the one time each year, where you have full permission to transform the vibe of your home and even scare the pants off of your visitors.

But this year, we were looking to put a little twist on our decorating tradition. We decided to ditch the scandalous nurse costume and instead let our home speak to our slightly more sultry side. So in anticipation for trick-or -treaters or your own Halloween bash, here are a few ideas on how to transform your home.


Haven’t purchased your pumpkins yet? Ditch the little tools that break after one stab into the orange monster and stretch lace or patterned pantyhose over your pumpkins. We also took the leftovers and transformed our dining room table candles.hal

Overwhelmed with where to decorate? Choose one or two main areas of your home to focus your attention. In addition to the front door, we picked the dining room table to decorate. Target had the perfect supplies for our sexy Halloween theme, including these black, white, and gold painted faux pumpkins.


To put everything together, we first taped some orange lights to the table, used tissue boxes to add some height and then draped several layers of cobwebs over everything to create some depth.


Target had this skeleton, who worked perfectly as our centerpiece for the table. To give him a little more of a glamorous flare, we spray painted him gold.  From there, we added a sparkly mask, candlesticks, the painted pumpkins, two more skull heads and voila!

To purchase any of the supplies we used, check out the links below:

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.03.33 AM