Oh how the times have changed…

It feels like just yesterday that I was picking out my extra long sheets that only fit that special dorm room bed you sleep in that first, memorable year. Now, my time and money is spent picking out the latest and trendiest crib and bumper! Is it me or is everyone having babies right now!?

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The endless amount of stuff you need for a nursery can be so overwhelming and not to mention extremely expensive! Here are some ideas from my own nursery, as well as friends, for that special space for your little one to come home to that won’t break the bank.

First of all, don’t pay full price for the big-ticket items. I know everyone loves Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn Kids. What many don’t know, is that there are outlets out there where you can get these items for 60% off or more!!! Make sure you call ahead to see if they have the specific item. This can save you thousands!

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There is no better store on this planet than TJ Maxx Homegoods. I furnished the majority of my nursery with items from here. They have great affordable rugs, perfect nursery chairs, and awesome storage items to hold all your babies necessities.

I have seen how expensive some of the art can be at the high-end retailers. For example, the baby animal prints at Restoration Hardware were running $200 for the smallest print of a fuzzy duck. Crazy! I found this awesome website called theanimalprintshop.com that has all of the print you can find at RH for nothing. It is only the print, but head to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and pick up a $20 frame, and the once $200 art was don’t for $50.

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Get creative! How sentimental would it be to rock your baby in the same chair your mom once held you in?Why not take some things your parents have held onto for years and actually put it to use?  I have seen old books make into artwork for a Wild Things Themed nursery, or outdated photos reframed to modernize the new look.View More: http://brandonhillstories.pass.us/revive-and-thrive-nursery

Paint, Paint, Paint! How paint can transform a wall, or piece of furniture to completely change the look of the room. Take a trip to a second hand store, or garage sale, maybe even your parents basement to find that old wooden rocker in need of a fresh coat to add to the perfect spot for rocking your baby to sleep.